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JeNu Reviews

We decided to check back in on a hot skin care device that we originally reported on last year to see what’s new and if after a year of being in the market, the reaction is still the same. The JeNu Wand works by infusing hundreds jenu ultrasonic infuser review, activating the microspheres. The second product I’ve come to grow and love is the JeNu PLUS Ultrasonic Infuser As the name indicates, this innovative breakthrough product uses ultrasonic technology to push products deeper into the skin and enhance absorption and effectiveness. We’ve already embraced the future when it comes to technology in our work lives or for entertainment – now it’s time to embrace it in our beauty routines. Like all other dermae products, it’s totally organic, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan, etc etc- and the high-quality of their ingredients really makes a difference. The JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser is an incredible tool capable of increasing the absorption of skincare products by up to 600%.

The infuser works much like a massager, working JeNu’s gel into your skin. Essentially, this massaging infuser helps you to get six times the strength of the products you are currently using. Basically, using the JeNu infuser is not just a solution for JeNu products; it gives the consumer the ability to completely change the way their skincare system works. The ultrasound waves from the wand activate the microspheres in the gel, which then propel other skin care ingredients deeper into the skin. JeNu is no exception; the experience will depend on the quality of the products you’re using with it. However, the JeNu Active Youth Skincare System has changed quite a bit over the years, so it’s important to carefully assess the old and the new products before making your purchasing decision.

†Four-Week, Randomized, Split-Face Clinical Study evaluating the efficacy of an Ultrasonic device when used with a market leading product. The JeNu Active Youth Skincare System claims to make topical treatments more effective by pushing the ingredients deeper into the skin with the use of ultrasound waves. But now, there are more at-home facial devices with lower-strength laser technology popping up on the market, making it easier than ever to flip a switch and get on the road to smoother skin. Therefore, carefully read via the information in any JeNu Active Youth Skincare System review that you encounter, to make sure you’re reading about the suitable item. One such miracle is JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser for cosmetic procedures. Jenu – It is a new age ultrasonic infuser that helps in increasing the potency of skincare solutions but increasing the skins absorption capabilities 6 times more than regular methods.